Standing on the Word, Lifting Up the Lord

Rev. James M. Taylor

After graduating from Philo High School, in southeast Ohio, I was working as a car detailer at Dutro Ford car dealership. In the summer of 2005, in the month of June, the dealership hired a kid by the name of Trent Knabb. Trent would take every opportunity he had to share the gospel with me and other co-workers. I, eventually, realized that I was separated from God because of my sin. I would eventually make a decision to accept Christ as my Savior in December of 2005.

I can remember the day after I accepted Christ as my Savior. I went to work and the first person I told was Trent. He was extremely excited when I told him the news. I then started to attend church (Duncan Falls Baptist Church) with my family again. I hadn’t been going to church with them that often, but now I had a desire to go to church because I wanted to know my Savior more. I would regularly attend church from this moment on, and I quickly realized the importance of the church in my development. After about six months of knowing the Lord, I felt that he was calling me into Christian ministry. One day, as I was researching various Bible colleges, I came across Appalachian Bible College. I talked with my pastor about the college and he said he thought it would be a great Bible college to attend. During my time at Bible college, the Lord confirmed to me that he was calling me into Christian ministry. I would graduate from Appalachian Bible College in May of 2011. In the summer of 2012, the Lord would lead me to Westphal Avenue Baptist Church, where I am associate pastor.

My wife, Katie, and I married in 2016 and we are expecting our first child.